Projector Screens

Portable Tripod Screens

  • available in 5ft, 6ft,7ft,8ft
  • High quality professional tripod screen with borders and keystone eliminator standard.
  • Heavy duty fibreglass backed screen material.
  • Patented Leg Lock/Release.
  • Fabric is secured by built-in lock to prevent shifting in transport.

Manual Wall Pulldown Screens

  • various sizes available.
  • General purpose manual wall or ceiling mounted screen.
  • Case design allows flush mounting.
  • Easy pull down system locks at intervals to suit projected image.

Motorised Screens

  • Screens retract into a stylish case.
  • Can be operated by wall switch or remote control.

Portable Fast Fold Screens

  • when you need that extra impact, screens available in 8ft x 6ft, 10ft x 7.5ft, 12ft x 9ft, 14ft x 10.5ft ( due to the size you may need us to put them up and take them down for you )
  • Fast fold screens are made to take the rigors of constant set up and tear down, yet retain their good appearance and performance for years of use.
  • The Fast-Fold Deluxe has a single sturdy frame with easy release catches and features a front or rear projection surface and a carry case with wheels.
  • It sets up easily with out tools for the ultimate in convenience.
  • Available in Video format with Da-Mat front projection surface or Da-Tex rear projection surface

Pull up Screens

  • This is a portable screen that sets up in seconds.
  • Lightweight and self standing, the Insta-Theatre goes anywhere.
  • Available in Video and HDTV formats with Wide Power surface.