We sell and install commercial quality AV equipment from leading manufacturers.

At Audio Visual Hire we do not want to be the cheapest online merchant of products. We can compete on price for equipment but we don’t want to deliver it to your door and leave it up to you. We believe that if you are planning a project which involves Audio and/or Visual equipment you want to understand what systems are available, what integration is possible between components, controls and furniture, and what is the total cost, including installation complete with all cables and any structural or cosmetic work that may be required to the building or venue. We work with many of the leading brands and manufacturers so can offer unbiased advice and a competitive price.

Whether your inquiry is for Domestic, Commercial, Retail, Restaurant, Hotel, Tertiary or Industrial use we have experience in the supply and installation of Audio Visual equipment.


Home theatres, Sound Systems, TVs, we can design a system for you and suggest the equipment based on your parameters, or you can research the models you require and we will provide you with quotes for comparison.   Once the equipment is chosen we will give a comprehensive quote for the installation. After install we are available for support and assistance either remotely or on site as necessary.


Whether you need a single TV replaced or have a new office building to be fitted out with Projectors, LED Screens and sound systems, we can advise and provide competitive quotes. We can undertake behind wall cabling and offer a variety of installation options. If you have a scope of works and equipment list, we can provide you a quote. However, if you are not sure where to start we can sit down and scope out your requirements with you and then provide a quote.


LED Screens for product advertising or audio systems for background music or announcements. New shop fitouts or retrofitting to existing stores, we can advise on the system that best suits your needs and provide a comprehensive quote for installation.


Whether you need some hidden speakers for discreet background music, or you want to hire out your venue complete with a night club sound system we can advise and supply. Maybe you want some LED Screens for sports or music videos, or you have an unused wall you want to fill with a Video Wall, whatever your venue needs we can suggest a solution and provide quotes for equipment and installation.


If your thinking of upgrading the screens in your guest rooms or replacing or adding a sound system throughout the hotel contact us to discuss your needs. If you have conference facilities and want to add some smart interactive projectors or some large LED displays, we work with industry leaders and can supply at competitive prices. We can also handle all aspects of the installation and if required we will work with your contractors (electricians, builders etc) or we can use our own.


Buying equipment is easy. Interactive Smart Projectors, LED screens or standard projectors and screens are readily available. However, finding a time to install these into your very busy classrooms is not so easy. When you purchase equipment with Audio Visual Hire we not only provide competitive prices for the equipment and installation, we also work very closely with you to undertake the installation with the minimum of disruption to your schedule. This may involve us working evenings and weekends when and where necessary. We will build a plan with you giving you the control you need.


Installing Audio Visual equipment in industrial buildings can be challenging. Everything from dust to climate control and all manner of potential electronic interference have to be considered to ensure the equipment operates as required. We will work with you to analyse what issues may be encountered and what solutions are available to minimize or eliminate them. Our supply partners support us with technicians who have worldwide contacts and databases of installation scenarios from which to provide solutions for most situations. If immediate solutions are not available we are experienced at problem solving and work methodically through every interface to isolate the issue and then look for known solutions or develop our own through testing, modification and re testing.

Whether you are looking for projectors or screens to display performance target and production schedules or just need a TV and sound system for your lunch room we can suggest the solution that best meets your needs.

How we work with our clients.

Needs Assessment

We work with you to assess your requirements. We establish what type of event you will be running, what type of venue you will be utilising and then design a solution to cover you on all sides. We proudly offer obligation free quotations and discussion.

Supply & Setup

We supply and deliver the equipment to fulfill your requirements. Be it a hire or purchased solution we can come and support you to install and setup your package. Our team take is experienced, reliable and committed to making your event run smoothly.

Service & Support

We pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer service. Not only do we setup/pack down our equipment, but we offer on-going support and service to all gear, on hire or that has been purchased. We can work with you in an on-going capacity to ensure your company continues to shine.

Our team and technicians are highly experienced and passionate about their work. Call us now on 09 948 7557 for an obligation free discussion.

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We are always happy to offer no-obligation advice. Our goal is to supply every one of our clients the same high-quality services, products, and solutions. We look forward to discussing your next project.

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