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Video Transmission and Streaming

Do you have an event coming up and key people just can’t make it? Do you have a multi-room venue and want people in all rooms to be able to see and hear what is happening in the main forum? Have you thought about filming and transmitting your event to another room or building or live streaming it on the internet so that anyone you want to can watch and feel part of it from anywhere in the world.

It could be as simple as a single camera capturing a meeting or presentation and transmitting to many branches throughout NZ, or a multi-camera production of a wedding streaming to loved ones across the globe, the possibilities are endless.

When setting up your sound and visual displays for your event, it is quite a straightforward process to add cameras which can both transmit to other locations including streaming on the internet, and even record your event if you want. We have mobile mixing equipment to facilitate multimedia productions (switching from live camera to recorded format to Power-point presentations etc).

Audio Visual Equipment Relocation

Whether you are relocating 4 multi-storey buildings or just swapping rooms, it can be daunting having to disconnect all your Audio Visual hardware and then get it working again.

We will do this all for you. Either give us the plans of what has to go where and when, or let us work with you to create the plan, it’s up to you.

Technology changes so rapidly that it is often a waste of money to just relocate the equipment you have used for the past 5 years or longer. We will help you decide what need’s upgrading now, what will need replacing soon and what is still relevant and adequate for your needs. We will prepare a quote for any new equipment and provide a comparison of the cost of relocating existing. You can then decide how much or how little to do.

We work with trusted manufacturers and suppliers like LG, Panasonic, Epson, JBL, Shure, Kramer, Jands, Midwich and many more so you can be assured that the products we supply and install are backed not only by warranty but experienced technical teams.



When you hire audio and /or visual equipment from us and want us to deliver and set it up, we will instruct you or a nominee in the use of the equipment. Often this is just a volume control on a mixer, or a lighting control or how to turn off a projector. However, if you have a more complex meeting or event with multiple presentation inputs (videos, Powerpoint photos, multiple laptops or cameras, microphones etc) then you may want someone to operate the equipment. This will free you up to concentrate on running your event and ensure a seamless transition between media and continual monitoring of sound and vision outputs.


Fault Diagnosis

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding your equipment isn’t working just when it’s needed. It could be that someone has messed with all your settings (often where many people or groups use “communal” equipment), or worse swapped around inputs and outputs and you can’t get everything to work as it should. It could be there has been a big storm or power cut and again you cannot turn anything on.   Our technicians will visit the site and undertake a complete fault tracking process. They will swap out patch leads and components to determine whether equipment is faulty or damaged, or whether cables have been swapped. Often they can rectify faults during this diagnosis visit, but if not they will remove equipment for repair or if replacement is needed we will quote for a suitable model. We understand your frustration so will always try and respond to call-outs within 1 working day. If desired we may be able to hire you a replacement unit while we have yours checked.


You have just purchased a new piece of equipment and want to integrate it with your existing system but are not sure what connections are needed or where they go. We can come to you and assess what you want, what you have and what you need. We can then either supply and connect for you or tell you what to buy and show you where it goes.

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