Data/Video Projectors

Audio Visual Hire Limited supply a wide range of multimedia projectors including Portable, Installation and Specialised. We supply reputable brands such as Panasonic, NEC, Hitachi and Mitsubishi. Within these brands we can cover pretty much any requirement.

Portable – we supply a good range of projectors from basic models through to wireless models. Portable projectors are good for people on the move, the workplace or school enviromment

Fixed Installation – ideal for the situation that demands heavy usage and reliability. We supply projectors to suit any location.

Specialised – From HD to Widescreen, Home Theatre to Ultra Short Throw we can supply the model that best suits your needs

Interactive Projectors- This is a fantastic tool for both Education and Business

Projector Lamps – we can supply lamps for most brands of multimedia projector.

Panasonic Entry Level Compact Projector Range

  • Long life performance in a compact body for business and education.
  • Up to 10,000 hour lamp life
  • Eco friendly-lead free lens glass, switchable lamp mode, no halogenated flame retardant used in the cabinet.
  • The models have a range of brightness from 2700 ansi lumens to 3500 ansi lumens.
  • They come in both XGA(4:3) format and WXGA(16:10) format.
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Hitachi Interactive Projector


Hitachi innovation delivers interactivity to the Ultimate range
�Ultimate interactivity: Full interactive capability with pen control using standard whiteboards or even a plain flat surface
�Ultimate usability: Fast and precise response to user inputs as well as all the benefits of the Ultimate Short Throw models such as significantly easier installation and specially designed bundled wall mount
�Ultimate design: Advanced features, compact design and ultimate short throw distance offer a compelling package for commercial and education users
�Ultimate sustainability: Smaller, lighter packaging reduces environmental impact of distribution while
lower energy consumption during operation and stand-by also reduces CO2
Innovative new model brings integrated interactivity to the Ultimate Short Throw range Hitachi Digital Media Group announces the launch of a new LCD projector that delivers full interactive capability in combination with all of the benefits of the recently available Ultimate Short Throw series. The innovative iPJ-AW250NM integrates Hitachi Starboard Soft Duo software to deliver a complete interactive experience on any flat surface. With a rich feature set that meets the specific interactive needs of both corporate and education users, the compact iPJ-AW250NM, like the other models in the Ultimate range, is easy to install, easy on the environment and designed to deliver outstanding performance in any setting. �As the first Hitachi interactive LCD projector, the iPJ AW250NM offers the market a real and innovative alternative to existing complex, bulky or compromised solutions. By embedding full interactive capability with all of the features of the new Ultimate Short Throw models, we are able to offer a high performance solution that works on any wall or with existing standard whiteboards,� said Axel Kutschke, Senior Manager, Presentation Products for Hitachi Digital Media Group. �In bringing interactivity to existing meeting and classroom facilities to improve productivity and learning, Hitachi is demonstrating its continued commitment to innovation by combining class leading technologies and solutions to meet growing market trends.� The network ready iPJ-AW250NM incorporates a built-in sensor that uses infrared and ultrasonic waves that, when integrated together with the well established Hitachi Starboard software, facilitates the interactive capabilities. By removing the cost of upgrading existing whiteboards, this innovative approach opens up a world of interactivity for large numbers of commercial and education users. While all users want a seamlessly fast response time for an interactive projector that is simple and easy to use, these two markets do have differing needs in key areas. Commercial users often look for one click operation of functions such as print or email. Education markets, where Hitachi has extensive experience and market share, are more likely to demand ease of use, compatibility with rich content as well as rapid response. The iPJ-AW250NM has been designed with these diverging requirements in mind and offers simple operation for all of these needs. To ensure easy installation, the iPJ-AW250NM is bundled together with a unique, easy install wall mount that makes the precise setup and fine adjustments both quick and simple. This means that a single engineer 2 using the easy set up procedure can quickly and correctly install and adjust the projector in six axes. An enhanced Hitachi Perfect Fit incorporating an eight point adjustment including all four corners and sides all but guarantees faultless images. Once the iPJ-AW250NM is installed on the network, the latest Hitachi projector management software takes the strain out of managing multi-unit installations as well as providing usage reports to ease occasional maintenance scheduling.

Despite the addition of the interactive sensor, the iPJ-AW250NM is still remarkably compact and light thanks to the outstanding design of the Ultimate Show Throw models. Indeed, at only 345mm (w) x 303mm (d) x 102mm (h) and 4.1kg, the projector�s physical dimensions are only bettered by its non-interactive siblings. The small size and low weight of the projector and the wall mount also help to reduce environmental impact by cutting the carbon footprint during shipping and distribution. The projector also offer a reduced power standby mode using only 0.3W which ensures power usage is reduced to a minimum during the lifetime ofthe projector.

By cleverly optimising cool air flow around the projector, Hitachi have managed to combine tight packaging within the small exterior dimensions together with an extended lamp life of at least 5000 hours when operated in the automatically selected eco mode (Auto Eco Mode). A hybrid filter further reduces cost and maintenance requirements. However the projectors� small size and ease of use do not in anyway diminish its impressive performance. While throw distance for a wide screen image of 80� has been reduced to a mere 53cm from mirror to screen, Hitachi has at the same time increased image quality and virtually eliminated the distortions inherent in short throw projection. The exceptionally short throw distance means that the powerful 2500 lumen WXGA projector is both bright and safe in all environments.

In common with the other Ultimate Short Throw models, the Hitachi Active Iris that produces a contrast ratio of 2000:1 ensures that the iPJ-AW250NM delivers distinct pure black levels even when displaying dark scenes or operating in a high ambient light.

Audio output is not left behind in the quest for visual excellence and the iPJ-AW250NM also provides a 10W speaker for clear audio output in meetings and classrooms.